1. Causation and Counterfactuals

    In law as in science, one thing we typically want to resolve are questions of causation. For example, in biology we might ask things like "does this drug reduce deaths from heart disease," in economics we might ask "does raising the minimum wage increase unemploment." In law, such questions will …

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  2. Installing an external library on the UI systems

    It's a bit difficult to install libraries to make them usable with jupyter notebooks in general; it's slightly more difficult to make it work in a permission-controlled environment. However, if you want to try my plottyprint library for problem set 2 (which has the advantage of being easy to use), here's some code to try.

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  3. In-Class Notebook, Mar 3, 2020

    There are a bunch of different ways we might think about the example of the application from the fake data from yesterday. We saw a test where the null hypothesis was that the application offering rate for black renters is equal to the overall application offering rate. With that hypothesis, we saw a binomial test, and here's a slightly more filled out version of that test.

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